About us

A team of cannabis industry experts who are passionate about teaching others their knowledge to better our students grows.


Our company

The Midwest Cannabis Institute was started by growers, for growers.  We realize that there are a lot of self-proclaimed “expert” or “master” growers in the industry who don’t possess the skills to keep more than 10 plants alive at a time, yet alone plants at different stages of life. After seeing many commercial grade cannabis facilities struggle, we decided to start a school that can train people how to cultivate cannabis in an efficient, effective, and safe way. We are dedicated to our students by giving them all the skills and tools they need to succeed in the ever-growing cannabis industry. Our students work with plants hands on every day and get as much one-on-one training as they need until they feel that they’ve mastered their skills.  

Why choose us

One-of-a-kind experience

We are the only cannabis training program to offer a hands-on teaching experience from seed to sale. You will get to work with live plants from the first day of the class until the last day of the class 12 weeks later.

Learn from an industry expert

Josh McNeill is a real master grower. He’s not one of those self-proclaimed growers who grew 10 plants in his basement and claims to be a master grower. Josh ran a facility with over 120,000 sq ft of canopy, overseeing 150+ cultivators and was responsible for keeping over 75,000 cannabis plants alive every day for over 5 years.

Help with Job placement

With our connections in the cannabis industry to growers across the united states, we can help refer you to growers who are looking to hire individuals who are excited and passionate about the $3.5bn cannabis industry! 


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